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The Devil's House (Roman Villa) - Lavello

The Devil's House (Roman Villa) - Lavello

In the Contrade San Francesco and Canalicchio areas, within the territory of Lavello, stands a Roman construction from the Imperial Age of great archaeological interest: the ruins of this ancient Roman villa, with rooms made of red brick, constitute the most important Roman archaeological structure in the Lavello area.

Comprising a complex of interconnected rooms, the archaeological site still preserves what must have been the caldarium and frigidarium, floored with terracotta, as well as the hydraulic system of pools related to the baths.

The main wall structures, constructed with opus latericium, are well-preserved and have been attributed to a thermal complex within a larger architectural complex of a Roman villa.

Archimeter has conducted both 3D laser scanner surveys of the entire archaeological site and photogrammetric surveys for the creation of orthophotos and elevation plans, mapping the materials and degradation.

Thanks to the collaboration of professionals in the field, following the laser scanner survey, it has been possible to hypothesize the original configuration of the architecture through a three-dimensional study of the rooms.

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