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About Us

The company Archimeter

Archimeter S.r.l. specializes in high-precision surveys, integrating the best and most innovative technologies in instrumental surveys and in technical and graphic data processing

Archimeter specializes in:

  • 3D Laser Scanner Surveys
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Drone Surveys
  • Photogrammetry
  • 3D Modelling and B.I.M.
  • Virtual Tours

Archimeter values

Passion, research, and attention to detail characterize the philosophy of Archimeter: an added value to the projects, both in terms of content and graphics


A higher quality of the data obtained allows to obtain more precise metric information and a more realistic 3D representation of the analyzed objects. This is essential in many industries such as architecture, heritage conservation and engineering. To ensure the highest quality in laser surveys with 3D laser scanners, it is essential to rely on expert professionals such as Archimeter


Accuracy is essential in surveys to ensure the quality of the information acquired. Correct calibration and operator experience are crucial to obtain accurate and reliable data, which can be used in various industries. Relying on expert professionals such as Archimeter and using high-quality equipment is essential to ensure maximum accuracy in the surveys


Archimeter is always up to date with innovations in the field of surveying: continuously updated equipment and software, along with topographic surveying techniques, are the key to maintaining high-quality standards and consistently achieving desired results with precision and efficiency.


Thanks to many years of experience, Archimeter is able to carry out surveys in the various sectors of architectural, archaeological, structural, geological and environmental surveys, delivering technical or presentation documents, supporting professionals in subsequent design phases