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Pulpit of Sant'Andrea - Pistoia

Pulpit of Sant'Andrea - Pistoia

Achimeter assisted the team of the Geomatics Laboratory for the Environment and Cultural Heritage (GeCO Lab) with instruments and technicians, coordinated by Professor Grazia Tucci and with the collaboration of the Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences of the University of Florence, as part of a project supported by the Friends of Florence Foundation carried out together with the Superintendency of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the metropolitan city of Florence and the provinces of Pistoia and Prato to the diagnostic campaign on the pulpit of Giovanni Pisano in the church of Sant'Andrea in Pistoia, preliminary to the conservative restoration.

As part of a multidisciplinary survey and monitoring program, a 3D laser scanner survey was requested.

The challenging aspect of the survey is related to the translucent material of the artwork, made with different types of marbles: the laser beam spreads beyond the surface and distorts the measurements in unpredictable ways.

Identifying the best solution in relation to the desired objectives and highlighting the methods of different technical acquisition therefore influence the suitability of the models for subsequent applications.

Project Description